Cleanliness Guidelines

We would like you to relax during your visit and immerse yourself into the Spa Experience. For this reason, we have taken extra measures to safeguard our guests prior to arrival.

We kindly ask the following: For the safety of our guests and employees, if you or a member of your household has displayed the following symptoms a; Cough, Fever, Breathlessness, Sore Throat, Headaches within the last 14 days should be recommended to reschedule their appointment until they and their household members have been cleared of symptoms by 14 days, unless these symptoms are due to preexisting medical conditions.

As a gentle reminder, if you or any member of your household has recovered from any of these symptoms within the last 14 days we recommend you call the spa prior to arrival. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to welcoming you (back) to the Spa.

Actions require before entering our premise:

  • Upon arrival, please throughly wash your hands. We will also be taking temperatures.
  • Re staff and clients will be required to wear masks.
  • Please reschedule if you or anyone have been in contact with is sick.
Our staffs

We ensure all of our staffs are healthy before arriving at the premise. We monitor their body temperature and assess symptoms prior entering our office location before they visit our spa location. With such measure we create extra layer of protection to all staffs and Res client.

Our staff keep a spare clean uniform at work, so they can change during their shift if they feel it is required. We provide clean attire from head to toe only to be wear in the premise to minimise the chance of contamination

Area Maintenance

General Area

  • All door handles and doors must be sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Remove all testers from Spa boutique
  • Hands should be sanitized before coming into contact with guests/staffs


  • Lockers are assigned to each guest in consideration of social distancing guidelines.
  • All lockers are pre-locked to avoid guests from changing assigned lockers or from touching contents inside lockers.
  • Lockers are sanitized after each use by the attendants.

Treatment Area

  • Our staffs must wear a mask during a treatment the guest must be advised during the consultation.
  • In between each service to allow for treatment room cleaning and sanitation. We always wipe down counters, bottles, cabbies, jewellery box, head rests and treatment tables.
  • Remove from treatment rooms: bed skirts, duvets, pillows, runners, table warmers and mattress pads. All linen in the treatment bed must be used and washed after each guest.
  • Providers must spray and sanitize all skincare bottles and products used after each treatment.

Tools and Supplies

  • Everything that can be touch will be clean throughly with disinfectant and clean cloth frequently.
  • All inventory deliveries will not be opened immediately after receiving, and items are immediately wiped down.
  • We working closely with our local suppliers to ensure highest quality ingredients, process, package and delivered in cleanest manner.

If you have any inquiry regarding how we handling COVID-19 in our premises, you are welcome to contact us through email